Why You Should Visit Sheridan, WY

This is the moment to visit Sheridan, Wyoming.

It’s not just because this college town of about 18,000 souls in northern Wyoming opened the Whitney Center for the Arts in 2016. And it’s not just because of the expanded, 24,000-square foot, $15.8 million Brinton Museum just outside of town in Big Horn. It’s not even because the Big Horn Mountains provide a bit of shelter from Wyoming’s notorious winds.

The biggest reason to visit this northern Wyoming town now is the new wave of businesses that are opening alongside intact and revitalized older businesses, providing this enclave with the perfect combination of fresh energy and original character. It’s kind of like the charm of an old VW bus with the luxurious feeling of a Rolls Royce. Visiting here gives you a distinct sense of discovery, as you explore a town that is at once historic, full of character, and newly coming into its own. Click here to read the full article on Moon.com.

Rolls Royce in Sheridan
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