Immerse Yourself in Art Around Colorado

What is “immersive art” and how can you experience it? My new Denver Post article highlights permanent and temporary sculptures and performances around Colorado that you can enjoy right now.

Purple Fox Conundrum: “We hope that this creates a sense of play,” she said. “We also hope that people leave with a thoughtfulness around both technology and nature.”

Patrick Dougherty stick art: “It is human nature to want to experience things through touch,” said Erin Bird, Communications Manager for the Denver Botanic Gardens. “Art often doesn’t lend itself to this form of sensory engagement due to fragile materials, one-of-a-kind objects and historical and monetary value, so when an artist invites viewers to touch and immerse themselves in the sculpture, that is a very special experience.”

Breck Create and Isak Heartstone: “The experiential artworks that Breckenridge Creative Arts presents are freely accessible to all and inviting in a way that the traditional gallery setting often are not,” said Nicole Dial-Kay, director of exhibitions and special projects at Breckenridge Creative Arts.